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The Top Five Comic-Related Gifts for Fans of All Ages

Christmas is drawing near and parents, as well as friends of the family and relatives who wish to purchase festive presents for children, will find an array of excellent gift options on the Beano’s online shop. The Beano, first published in 1938, has the distinction of being the the world’s longest running weekly magazine for children and this article contains a list of five comic-related gifts for all ages that will complement your kid’s bedroom.

Comic Subscription

Children who love the Beano will, no doubt, be delighted to receive a comic subscription this festive season. Three month, six month or one year subscriptions to the children’s magazine are available as gifts for comic book fans this Christmas and will help to keep kids entertained throughout the coming year.

Make them a Comic Star.

Personalised gifts that are available to buy this winter include comic books, search and find books as well as comic art prints. Build-a-Beano allows you to make your kid into a comic star and provides you with the opportunity to create an avatar, submit your child’s name as well as write them a personal message. Transforming your child into a comic book character, through the power of imagination, allows them to immerse themselves in the Beano universe.

Give them Comic Homeware.

Those looking to purchase an endurable, functional and high-quality gift for a child this holiday season should buy them some comic book homeware from the Beano’s online store. Homeware that is sold via the publication’s digital platform includes art prints, clocks, cushions and mugs. Beano-themed lunchboxes, mugs, notepads, pencil tins and water bottles are functional gifts that your children can use when they return to school after the holiday season.

Comic Playing Cards.

It is possible to buy various comic book games through the Beano’s website that will provide your child, and the rest of the family, with hours of entertainment during the winter festivities. It is possible to purchase jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, snap games and top trumps through the weekly magazine’s online store this Christmas. Cards, puzzles and games bought from the Beano store will delight comic book fans during the colder months.

Clothing and Accessories.

Clothing and accessories, based on those worn by popular Beano characters or emblazoned with images of the protagonists that are featured within the comic book, are excellent presents to give to children during the festive period. Drawstring bags, hooded tops, t-shirts, long-sleeve tops and personalised attire can be bought at the clothing store on the Beano’s website.

Comic book subscriptions enable your child to read the Beano, in weekly installments, and will give your child something to look forward to in the New Year while personalised gifts shall enable your kid to identify with the Beano on a deeper level. Cards, games, puzzles, clothing and accessories that are available on the online store also make great Christmas presents

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