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What You Shouldn’t Miss When Renovating Your Garden

Plants and flowers are the first things that come to mind when planning your garden. While adding some greenery and beautiful flowers to your outdoor space, it’s also important to consider other elements and materials that will make your garden more attractive and welcoming.  

Here are essential things you need to consider while redesigning your garden: 

Bird Feeders

The number and variety of birds visiting your garden can be influenced by how you provide bird food. Hanging feeders in your garden are an excellent way of feeding seeds, peanuts, and unique seed mixes to the more agile species such as blue tits, greenfinches, and house sparrows. At Bird Food (CJ Wildlife), you will find a range of seed and peanut feeders that offer the best design, suitability, and safety for bird feeding.

Useful Storage

Store toys, stationery, cards, artwork and much more in this functional 7-litre drawer unit. This multi-coloured unit of Ryman is perfect for a garden, children’s bedroom, school or playgroups as it is bright and colourful.

Garden Apron With Multiple Pockets

While working in the garden, this apron with a waterproof function will keep you dry and clean. Additionally, it is lightweight, soft, comfortable to wear, machine washable, strong, practical, and durable. Shop it at Grandado!

Too Many Plants Are Never Enough

If you are looking to fill your garden with colourful flowers, at Prestige Flowers, you will find elegant roses presented in a tasteful pot. It is sure to delight the senses with the exquisite variety of beautiful roses that are naturally scented.


Bring a fresh new look to your garden with good garden fencing! Whether it’s a fence panel, fence post, fence board or garden gate, it will certainly raise the level of your backyard and give it a nice touch.

Tables and Chairs

The chance to eat and chill outside is the most exciting aspect of having a garden for many families. Tables and chairs are all that is required! Buy these tables to make your garden look stunning. All available at B&Q in several colors and sizes.

Garden Storage

With a wonderful assortment of garden storage, you can hide unsightly bins, store hoses, tools, and pots, and keep toys and playthings in one place. Online you can find sophisticated garden storage solutions will give your garden a touch of elegance.

Garden Furniture

Incorporate garden furniture to relax and enjoy your garden. Check out this stylish selection of garden furniture from Travis Perkins, which includes quality garden seats, chairs, and picnic tables. You will have the best spaces for a great day at the exteriors of your home!  

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are that dash of life, colour and uniqueness that fills anyones garden. You can’t miss it in yours! Homefire has you covered with a Garden section that contains soil mixes that will help your plants to nurture and grow! 

Water Butts

To keep your plants and flowers hydrated, you need a water butt that constantly keeps them with water. Water Butts Direct has some fantastic planters designed with water butts for you to buy now!

Garden Tools

Renovating and planting anything in your garden is easy if you utilize the right gardening equipment. From growing delicious veggies and herbs to keeping gorgeous flowers, poor tools make it impossible to perform these tasks properly. Take a look at YouGarden and enjoy the best catalogue of garden tools!


The Harry Pond statue from Bradshaws Direct will bring a different and new touch to your place. It can brighten up any garden and bring a smile to the face of visitors.

Outdoor Lights

For your gardens you need lights that illuminate when it gets dark. Iconic Lights has a range of outdoor lighting options, from lanterns to decorative lights that you can buy to add style to your garden. Buy now and illuminate it now!


You must ensure that your garden is pet-friendly! Create a designated play space or pet area complete with a digging spot, shelter, and possibly some toys.


To keep your garden always green and your lawn well maintained you can’t miss a lawnmower for you! At FFX you can find the ideal and most powerful lawn mower to keep your lawn well maintained and mowed!

If your garden will look like a new and different one, if you take these recommendations for your outdoor! You will love the incredible deals you will find!

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